Swayspace is a design studio powered by visual research labs that keep our minds active and our hands dirty.

Swayspace is a design studio.

We build products, brands, and services that make a difference. The work is driven by a research-based iterative design process and fueled by the depth of understanding we build around projects. This understanding is a springboard that enables us to build products that align with brands, services that provide positive experiences for real people, and communications that bring stakeholders together.

Swayspace has been refining this design process since 2001 to lead projects like the front-end design and development of the first corporate mobile treasury services app for JPMorgan Chase, the original brand identity for VMware, numerous independent product development projects for international governmental consultancy Delivery Associates, and the communications program and promotion for the beloved Brooklyn non-profit summer film series Rooftop Films.

Patrick Fenton

Patrick Studio

Patrick uses design to make connections. He has worked extensively with companies to align products and brands, to depict mission-critical data, and to design and represent complex systems. Extending his design practice to the classroom, Patrick is a Lecturer in Stanford’s design program where he teaches product design, visual communications, and design thinking fundamentals to students across disciplines. A firm believer in visual research, Patrick supplements his time as a designer and educator with exploratory work in the lab where he investigates identity, labels, forms, and patterns, and produces letterpress and risograph editions.

Together with Archivio Tipografica, Patrick produced and facilitated a workshop called TINKERING WITH TYPE wherein a multidisciplinary group of participants produced original work supported by the incredible artisans and designers in the letterpress printshop in Turin Italy. Stay tuned for the next edition!

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Willy Schwenzfeier

Willy 04

When Willy learned in school that his interests in art, science, and engineering could be combined into the previously-unknown-to-him discipline called design, he found the world shifting around him like the dolly zoom in Goodfellas and never turned back. He loves problem shaping during a project just as much as problem solving, and seeks input from as many key constituents, stakeholders, and customers as possible. He has a knack for weaving disparate perspectives into a coherent project strategy, and a zeal for clear communications and presentations.

Willy has been a professor of industrial design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn for eighteen years, and he has lectured and run workshops at Brooklyn College, Stanford, and Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule in Bavaria.

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